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April 2015 Winemaker Report

Joe Shebl
April 14, 2015 | Joe Shebl

April 2015 Winemaker Report

Hello everyone!

Once again, we reach one of my favorite times of the year. The new 2013 blends have been put together and are slumbering peacefully as we make the final preparations for bottling at the beginning of May.

As I’ve said in earlier reports, the 2013 vintage is one for the ages. Power, finesse, grace, balance and concentrated fruit are our most commonly used descriptors when we talk about the wines from this vintage. New things are on the horizon for you in the coming months including the return of the esteemed Grandmere that will be a blend of Zinfandel, Syrah and Petite Sirah. We’ll also be spotlighting a few of the favorite vineyard designate Zinfandels. It's a very exciting personal project for me.

Moises and I are looking forward to the 3013 release and sharing these wines with you.

I was recently asked why I discontinued the use of American oak barrels in our winemaking program. American oak has been part of a general Standard Operating Procedure amongst Zinfandel producers for many, many years. Truth is, I have no idea why. When the same wine is put into high quality American oak and French oak, the differences are striking and dramatic! The wine aged in French oak is soft, subtle, and the purest essence of the Zinfandel grape fully expressed.

You will definitely taste the difference in all of our latest vintage releases as we have shifted our barrel program to French oak. I hope you will be pleased. I am committed to using the highest quality products to make our wines, and the proof is in the juice!

Warmest Regards, Joe


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