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Global Wine Influencer
Michel Rolland

Michel Rolland began consulting in 1985 and has worked with hundreds of wineries on four continents, helping to create scores of successful wines. Michel’s guiding principles tend to result in rich wines with a focus on ripe fruit and plush structure. Many say that much of winemaking’s progress in recent decades is thanks to the global sharing of ideas and Michel was a driving force in that shift, setting the stage as both a leader in the industry and a mentor to many who have come after him.

“Michel Rolland created an entirely new professional category: flying winemaker.” 
- Wine Spectator

Rolland has served as a foundational pillar in writing the modern history of Napa Valley, and has served as a beacon for bringing together Old World methodologies with New World flair. It is this unique mindset that helped revolutionize the wine industry as we know it, and Rolland’s fingerprints are all over that evolution.

Soil Whisperer &
Titan of Terroir
Philippe Melka

Like the celebrated wines on which he has built his reputation, Philippe Melka would be the first to tell you that his career has been primarily influenced by soil. His wines are exalted for their hallmark complexity, texture, and depth of flavor, all while harnessing the unique traits of the fruit from various plots of the soil. He describes his style as one that brings together his fluency in French winemaking tradition with a keen understanding of current industry trends and techniques.

“Every time I approach a new project, I set out to tell the truth of the vintage, of the vineyard, and of the moment. The truth is going to be different for every project. But the truth will always be the truth.”

A native of Bordeaux, Melka grew up fascinated by the intricacies of the land around him. Arriving in Napa Valley in 1991, he was immediately taken by and marveled at the array of soil types and composition, and it proved to be a complete revelation for him. Since 1995, he has been putting his stamp on Napa Valley’s wine industry, spearheading the programs for some of the region’s most revered wineries while garnering a list of accolades and 100-point scores along the way.

The Winemaking Wonder
Maayan Koschitzky

Maayan has amassed an impressive winemaking resume spanning from the vineyards of Israel to Screaming Eagle and Dalla Valle here in the Napa Valley. He has worked alongside some of the top winemakers and among the most coveted terroirs in the world. In 2014, Maayan joined Philippe Melka and has been able to bring a dynamic array of talents to the team. With a background in engineering and years of experience in both wineries and vineyards, Maayan plays a multifaceted role. He is involved not only in winemaking and operations but design and implementation of winery development for clients.




New Generation Winemaker
Matt Sands

A native of New Zealand’s Waiheke Island, Matt has trained under some of the best teachers and worked for some of the best wineries on the planet. As winemaker for Man O’ War, Goldie Vineyard, and Stonybridge Vineyard, he learned an array of modern techniques from some of New Zealand’s most famous wineries. He began his career in 2009 as assistant winemaker for Passage Rock Wines, and while there, he also served as a committee member of the Waiheke Wine Growers Association.

His domestic experience has helped him ascend into a different stratosphere. Time working harvests at Screaming Eagle and Bryant gave him an inside look at the premiere wines and terroir of Napa Valley. His commanding understanding of the unique microclimates of Napa Valley is what has set him apart from other young upstarts in the industry. He is the winemaker for Justice, Jurisdiction, and Jurisprudence, along with Tim Milos, and now Philippe Melka, as well as serving as the assistant winemaker for Alejandro Bulgheroni Estate.

The Winemaker’s Winemaker
Alberto Antonini

Alberto Antonini blends modern techniques with ancient tradition in the pursuit of premium wine making. As senior winemaker for Antinori and Frescobaldi, he has earned a reputation as a master vintner. In 2015, he was judged best in the world by his peers.

Alberto was a key player in helping Argentine Malbec wines gain their international reputation. He plays an important role in helping and encouraging wine producers to overcome the colonization of the Bordeaux recipe and return to traditional, indigenous grape varieties and local winemaking techniques.

He brings to Renwood his expertise and years of international experience and has helped direct and focus the winery’s resources on improving grape and wine quality.

Zinfandel’s Master
Joe Shebl

Joe’s ability to combine the science and art of winemaking has made him a master at creating the finest Zinfandel wines. His reputation was further expanded when he was selected as one of Wine Enthusiast Magazine's America's Top 40 Under 40. Zinfandel can be delicate and graceful or a big monster of a wine.

“My approach has always been to let the vineyard do the ‘work’ and we shepherd the grapes through careful irrigation and canopy management, research and experience, and understanding of how each vineyard block ‘speaks.’”

Juan Pablo Murgia

Juan Pablo has a degree in Winemaking and Agriculture. He was born in Mendoza, inheriting from his family since he was a child the philosophy of high-quality grapes.

Today he is finishing a Master of Science in Viticulture and Enology. He also has international experience working in different harvests in California, Bordeaux, and Uruguay. He is now the Head Winemaker for Otronia and has already achieved "Young Winemaker of the Year" by Tim Atkin in his 2021 Argentina Report. 





Mark Pittman

All of our winemakers require an assistant, and that extraordinary person is Mark Pittman. Hardworking and absolutely dedicated, Mark has worked up from the cellar of this and other fine wineries to standing shoulder to shoulder with the world’s finest.

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